I never thought I would get into button mashing games. I didn’t like Ninety Nine Nights or Devil May Cry. I’ve got Bayonetta (Xbox 360) and have enjoyed it some. But Dante’s Inferno is what got me into the button mashing genre of games. I guess I should stop calling them button mashers now. Maybe a ‘timed response with correct weapon, grapple and a bit of dashing’ is correct, but a little complicated. Anyway, I got into the groove (no pun intended) after starting Dante’s Inferno (Xbox 360) and ended up getting God of War 3 (PS3) and Darksiders (Xbox 360) to go with it. I actually finished all three and thought I’d give you my comparison of them and tell you which one I had the best time with. There are enough reviews out there to tell you more about each game. God of War 3 is only available on the PS3. So if you own an Xbox 360 and wonder what God of War 3 is like, play Dante’s Inferno. Darksiders and Dante’s Inferno are available for both systems.

I started, and finished Dante’s Inferno first. I picked up God of War 3 while playing Dante’s and fiddled with it for a bit before getting back to Dante’s. I’ve got to say that jumping from Dante’s to God of War 3 was not a good thing. God of War 3 looked much better graphically. This was one of the main reasons I wanted to get back to Dante’s Inferno and finish it. For you old timers out there, it’s sort of like playing Warcraft 2 first and then going back to play the original Warcraft. Both are very good games but it is hard going back to a game whose graphics are a step down. Dante’s Inferno isn’t that bad, but it’s not up to the standards of God of War 3.

Ouch! That can't be good! Dante can really get into your head.

The story behind Dante’s Inferno is great. The basic premise is that you lose your woman to the devil and travel through the nine circles of hell to get her back. Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil anything here. Each level of the game has its own unique look to it. Since I played some God of War 3, I could see where it was very similar. Each level ends with a huge boss that you need to defeat before continuing on. The enemy on each level vary in they way they attack you and defend themselves. You have your scythe that is your main weapon. You also have a cross, which is your projectile weapon and allows you to attack the enemy from a distance. With combos, you can produce many different moves, attacks, and powers that help you defeat the enemy. You can dash, move, jump, and attack just like God of War 3. The two games feel just about alike, but I have to say that I think Dante’s Inferno was the better game, of the two. I found myself more engrossed with the story and felt the characters in the game were more fleshed out. I really wanted to finish this game. I was satisfied with the ending and moved on to play God of War 3.

Taking the big guy down in God of War 3.

I already had the basics down with Dante’s Inferno, so getting into God of War 3 felt natural. I was able to use many more weapons and moves in God of War 3. Again, I loved the graphics of the game and felt that it really added to the game play. It is a much more gory game too… Dante’s was gory, but God of War 3 was over the top. Pluck out an eyeball, pull off a head, and sever limbs. It was all done up close and in bloody detail. Great fun! Kratos, the main character, is just out for revenge. Everything he does is for his own revenge. If you played the first two God of War games, here is more of the same, but on a much grandeur scale. Even though there was more of everything, I wasn’t satisfied with the story. The ending was even long and drawn out. I enjoyed playing through the game. There were some great puzzle levels and massive boss fights, but a good story helps to make the game richer. God of War 3 just didn’t do it for me. Soooo, I moved onto Darksiders.

Oh, there's Link and his horse... or is it Darksiders?

I was getting into the flow of things with these button mashing (oops) games. I was now ready to tackle Darksiders. While Darksiders seems much like Dante’s Inferno and God of War 3, it played a little different. My attacks and dash moves were changed a little bit. I had more weapon choices like God of War 3, the enemies were varied, the bosses were grand, and I had a great set of moves. Something was different though. I was getting a feeling that I had played this before. It was like mixing God of War with… Zelda. Yes, I know, Zelda is a Nintendo game, but my best memories of playing a game is with Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Darksiders had the fierce attacks and fighting style of God of War but added a tad bit of Zelda: OoT… okay, a lot of Zelda! I loved it!

I’m glad I played Darksiders last. I had all the different weapons like God of War 3. I had a great story like in Dante’s Inferno. And I now had all the best parts of my favorite all-time game, Zelda: Ocarina of Time. There’s the horse… check. Got the grappling hook… check. Wait, I don’t want to spoil the other items for you but if you remember the old Zelda game, you will see the connection when you play Darksiders. This game just offers so much more than both Dante’s Inferno and God of War 3 put together. The graphics are stylized like World of Warcraft… not too real and not too cartoony. Darksiders basic game play was like Dante’s Inferno and God of War 3, but it added much more than these other two games. It felt large in scale like Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The story had me hooked. Some of the characters made me laugh. It was a great classic game in a whole new skin. When I got to the end of the game, I said “Wow!”. I want more of Darksiders.

I know, where are all the game details. Like I said before, you can read previews and reviews on just about any gaming site. Since I had played all three games and felt the similarities of them all, I felt that I would give my opinion of how the three stacked up with each other. It doesn’t take much space to do that. I place Darksiders in the first place slot, Dante’s Inferno in second place, and God of War 3 last. I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t play any of these games. They were all fun and worth a purchase. Not everyone can get them all. So, hopefully this will help you get started with a button mashing adventure of your own.