Well, it is almost June 7th. This is the date Steve Jobs steps onto the stage of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and officially announces the new iPhone HD… 4G… or whatever the new name will be. WWDC seems to be the place where Apple makes iPhone hardware announcements. It has been this way since the first iPhone release in 2007. It’s appropriate, since the iPhone (and new iPad) is a great development platform. Most people are waiting for the big iPhone announcement. So what are we hoping to see in the new device?

There are all kinds of articles predicting what will be in the next iPhone. I’ve even got one, written a couple of months ago, in this blog already. Much of the surprise has already faded since a prototype of the new iPhone got lost in the wild and picked up by Gizmodo. Pictures were pasted all over the Internet. New features have already been found out… like the front facing camera for video chat and higher resolution display. Still, there are those hidden features that we still don’t know about. Throw the new OS 4.0 into the mix and it may have other secrets that will only show up on this next iPhone. What are we going to see on June 7th?

We know that the new iPhone has a front facing camera for video chat. iChat jumps out as the main application that will work with this. It is a Mac OS X standard already and uses AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Hopefully it will allow you to video chat with other iPhone users as well as Windows and Mac AIM users. How about other applications? Will Skype get an update for its video chat? That’s got to be a given. What other uses are there for this camera? Maybe front facing pictures for avatars or your contact list. You don’t need a high-resolution camera for that. Just think how easy it will be to snap a picture of yourself while composing it on the iPhone screen. Now you can pop it right into your Facebook profile, a multi-player game, or just update your contact photo. Nintendo DSi owners already know what a front facing camera is all about. Other social applications could use the video chat feature as well as online games. It will be interesting to see what other uses developers come up with.

The normal camera on the back of the new iPhone seems to have had a facelift too. The lens is larger and there is a flash next to it for low light portrait shots. Being a larger lens helps take higher quality pictures where there is less light, and where the flash cannot reach. Rumors have stated that 5-megapixel sensors were being developed for Apple. Couple this with the fact that the current iPhone 3GS can capture video and we may see the new iPhone with the ability to record high-definition video… most likely 720p. Maybe we’ll see a digital zoom in there too.

The big thing on the latest Smartphone has to be the higher resolution display. The newest Android phones are sporting 800×480 displays. Seems like a lot for such a small display, but if you nearsighted, like I am, you will find the display to be much sharper. You will be able to read small text that was illegible on the current iPhone displays. Your movies will look sharper, your photos will look cleaner, and your games will show more details. Most tech sites are saying that Apple will double the display horizontally and vertically… which would mean that the display would be 960×640 resolution. This also makes it easy to run non-updated iPhone applications by just doubling the screen size… like the iPad does now.

A larger battery was found in the iPhone prototype, so this means more hours of use out of the new device. It also has a better processor (CPU) and graphics (GPU) chip, so this could offset the larger battery and we may be back to normal times again. Hopefully Apple has done their homework and optimized the CPU and GPU to sip power out of the battery rather than gulping it down. I’m an iPhone 3G user and have seen the benefit of the better CPU and GPU in the iPhone 3GS. If the new iPhone is a step above the 3GS, we should see even better loading times, snappier applications, and graphics with that extra pop. Developers will just have to do a little more homework if they want their universal application to work on the different generations of iPhone. Apple has done a good job of providing them with the tools that they need.

So, where does this leave us? We are still not sure what that extra hole is next to the power button. Most think it is for noise cancellation which would help with video chat or conference calls using the speaker phone. Is the cell phone chip going to handle the higher speeds that AT&T will offer when they roll out the HSPA+ network at 21Mbps? The iPhone 3G could get up to 3.2Mbps and the 3GS topped out at 7.4Mbps. I’ve never seen anything more than 2Mbps on my current iPhone… which is still better than basic DSL for home users. How about those separate volume buttons? Will I be able to use one of them to snap photos and the other to zoom? What type of graphics processing can it handle? How fast is the processor? Is there 256MB of memory or 512MB? Are we getting a 16GB, 32GB, and 80GB storage models?

We haven’t even discussed the software changes on the new iPhone? OS 4.0 is going to bring a lot of new features to it. Maybe even features that won’t be available on the older phones. Developers will have new technology to develop their apps on. Some have found hints of the video chat feature and possible tethering capabilities, in the OS 4.0 development kit. Tethering allows you to use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, which you could connect your laptop or iPad up to and get Internet access. We already know about folders, multitasking, and wallpaper from the official introduction of OS 4.0. Are we going to get GPS turn-by-turn navigation? How about better video editing features?

We will have all our questions, about the new iPhone, answered in just under two weeks. I just want to know when I can jump in line to get one! This latest update will be the biggest. OS 4.0 has more user requested features than any of the previous updates. Add in the much changed iPhone hardware and we will have our hands full trying to figure out what it can do.