Quick Intro
I follow a lot of tech and gaming sites. I’m also a fan of Apple, Sony, the Xbox One S, PS4 and iPhone… and maybe the iPad. I posted a lot to Twitter but decided to expand more in writing and post it in a blog… which is what you see here. Hope you find some interesting articles to follow.

Computer Geek
I saw my first computer, an Apple II+, back in 10th grade. I quickly signed up for a BASIC programming class because I thought I wanted to be a programmer. There wasn’t much to do with computers back then. There weren’t graphic designers to help create games. There weren’t fancy word processor or spreadsheet programs for people to update like MS Office. MP3 music, viewing photos, sending emails, or even browsing the Internet would not be thought of until years later. A couple years later, when my parents bought me my Atari 800, I told them that I could do my school papers on it. My mother said “Why would you do that when you have a perfectly good typewriter?” If you were into computers back then, you were probably a programmer. The first word processor was basically a text editor and you printed your paper out on an 8 pin dot matrix printer. I then had an IBM Model 50Z. The “Z” was for zero wait state. This meant the memory was fast enough to keep up with the processor… it didn’t have to wait. Hard to believe, right?

The Atari 520 ST for those who couldn’t afford the Mac.

The Macintosh came out in 1984 and I knew I wanted one. I had set up the Macintosh 128K, at a church I was attending, for them to create their bulletins. It ran Microsoft Word while the rest of the world was still using the text only Word Perfect. I saw the power of the Mac but the price scared me. I ended up with an Atari 520 ST. Yeah, it was a Mac wannabe. It worked for what I needed at the time. I got a job at a computer store selling Macs, so I was happy being able to use them and train others.

For the next decade I left my Atari 520 ST and did without a computer for a while. Why did I need one since I sold them all day long. I had a short stint with a PC running Windows 95 doing transcription work on the side. I also had a job here in Florida where I had a Mac SE/30 at my desk. Oh that 9″ display with 80MB hard drive… it was fantastic… back then! Finally the day came, in 1999, when I got my Apple iMac DV.

Yes! This was the day I waited for! I finally had my Macintosh running Mac OS 8. It had come a long way since the first Mac I had used in 1984. Color display, slot loading DVD drive and Firewire! What was Firewire? Nobody used it at the time, but Apple took a chance with it… they also got rid of the disk drive and serial ports too. I kept this Mac for a long time. A really long time by computer standards. I had upgraded the memory and hard drive before finally upgrading it to a used PowerMac G4 in 2005. That lasted me until last year when I picked up a Mac Mini. Yes, I’m a Mac user but don’t see a need for the best and fastest. I’m happy with my Mac Mini working on my website, reading my email, and browsing the Internet. It does what I need. That is my quick and dirty history of computers.

Gaming Geek

I have the best memories of my old Atari 2600.

I started gaming with a pong system back on a black and white television. Not much to say about that. Two dials, for you and a friend to control the paddle with, and a white dot that bounced back and forth on the screen. Don’t let it get by your paddle or you lose a point. Let’s quickly leave that behind and move on to the Atari 2600, or VCS (Video Computer System). The 2600 was an amazing system at the time. It had great games like Combat, Adventure, and the non-faithful recreation of Pac Man. Okay, so it wasn’t that much to look at, but at the time, it was still a great system. I then jumped onto the Nintendo band wagon with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Super NES, the Nintendo 64, and finally the GameCube. I stopped with the GameCube because I was growing up. I saw the Xbox with Halo and felt I was missing out on something. For the next generation of gaming systems, I was going to jump ship and go with the Xbox 360, when it was released, over the Playstation 3. I ended up getting the Nintendo Wii, but my son and I got tired of it and sold it to finally pick up a Playstation 3. I currently have the PS4 and Xbox One S. A Wii U showed up in my home, but we tired of it quickly and just ended up getting a second PS4 so that my son and I could play games together. He’s a college kid now, so we have a lot of games we both like.

I’m a big First Person Shooter (FPS) fan. I’ve had the Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo games on my Xbox 360 and the Killzone, Resistance, and Uncharted games on my PS3. If it has guns, I’ve probably played it. If you asked me what I was playing now, it would probably be some kind of shooter. My shift in favorite system has changed to the PS4. It is my go to system for most games now and I stick with the exclusives on the Xbox One S.

On the handheld side, I had the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and the Nintendo DS fat and lite. I had the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) for a short time too before selling it to a friend. The handhelds were something to keep my kids busy in the car. I really never got into them that much. I do play games on my iPhone though. My son has moved from the PlayStation Vita to the Nintendo 3DS.

Gadget Geek

The 15GB 3rd generation iPod was colorblind friendly!

I’ve grown up as a gadget geek. I had an 8-track boom-box that recorded and had a fast forward feature. Most didn’t know that these were available 8-track features. I liked micro-cassette voice recorders and the Walkman cassette music players. I had the Psion Series 5 PDA that I used like a mini-computer. It was bulky, but I could still fit it in my back pocket. I picked up the 3rd generation iPod when it came out. After that, it was the iPod Video, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch. I just don’t have the shuffle anymore.

With cell phones, I used to think smaller was cooler. Now it is just the opposite. I’m now using the Apple iPhone which is about twice the size of the smallest cell phone I had. I’ve brought my iPhone up through OS update 2.0 and 3.0. I jailbroke it for a short time but didn’t like that it ran slower and finally crashed on me. Now I’m back on OS 3.1 and am just waiting for OS 4.0 to be announced. I’ve got to say that out of all the gadgets I’ve had, the iPhone is the most useful and most used. (Yes I’ve made some updates to this post. I’m on the iPhone X now running iOS 11.1.)