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Opera created their mini browser for the iPhone and Apple just released it on the App Store this week. Do we need another browser on the iPhone? Opera seems to think so. Is this a browser you should download and try out for yourself? Let me give you some more information on it and you can make your own decision.

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iPhone Review – Face Melter

Make any picture funny with the Face Melter application.

Have you ever seen those cards with the morphed dogs or cats on the front… the ones with the big eyes and wide mouth? I thought about these cards the first time I used Face Melter ($1.99) on the iPhone. It is a simple program that allows you to take a photo with the built-in camera, or an existing photo, and twist it, squish it, stretch it, and magnify it. Deform photos in just about any way you can imagine. When done, you can save it to your photo library for use as a funny MMS message, a post on Facebook, or just print it out and make a funny card.

When out at get together with friends, I’ll take pictures of different people and then morph them to look like wild characters. Using the iPhone’s two finger gestures, you can widen their eyes, pinch their nose, and stretch their mouth. Using the one finger swipe, you can move parts of the photo around… sort of like putty.  With three fingers, you can swirl parts of the photo. When you are done, tap on the save button and you have a new funny photo in your collection. There is an undo feature if you make a mistake… or just shake the iPhone to reset the picture back to normal.

This is great application to use at parties. It gets everyone laughing and you can even send them a copy of the photo with the iPhone’s email application. Check out a YouTube video of Face Melter below.