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The Start of a Smart Home

The smart home seems to be the way of the future. You can get a smart device to control just about anything in your home now. There are ways to control your lights, adjust the temperature in your home, view and talk to people at your front door, remotely monitor your security system, and much more. It’s not really any single device that makes your home smart, but the way all these devices can be controlled or work together in your home. Prices have come down a lot on this technology, so it is easy to jump in and get your smart home started. The problem is not knowing where to begin. I’m just starting my smart home now, so I’ll like to give you some tips on what I have experienced trying to get a smart home up and running.

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Apple TV or Google TV?

Apple and Google are both trying to get into your home and in front of your television. Both are doing it a little different but are offering many of the same features. Do we really need something new?… a new remote control, a new device to connect up to our TV, a new piece of equipment to learn? I’m on the fence with this decision but am keeping an eye on both devices.

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