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I was able to pick up my new iPhone 4 on day one! When it comes to gadgets like this, that is how I am. When I got my iPhone 3G, I waited in like at 5:00am at the local AT&T store to get it. Something in me just has to have it when it’s released. That is the geek in me. With the iPhone 4, it was easier. I just pre-ordered it at Best Buy and they made an 8:00am appointment, the day before it was released, for me to come in and pick it up. I got there, stepped in side, sat down, and had my new 32GB iPhone 4 handed to me.

I’ve had it a few days now and have spent a lot of time with it. Just today I put emoji icons in front of my folder names… so I have a football in front of the name for my ‘Sports’ games folder, headphones for my ‘Music’ folder, and a camera on my ‘Photo’ apps folder. With all the good, and bad, news flying around about the new iPhone 4, I thought I would put in my two cents worth. There has been enough in-depth reviews, so I will keep this simple. Just do an iPhone 4 review search in Google to get all the juicy details.

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iPhone Rumors Galore

I’m an iPhone lover.  I’ve got to admit that right now… actually a Mac fan too. I’m always keeping up on the latest rumors about Apple products I’m interested in. Currently I’m interested in the new iPhone that we should be hearing about in the next couple of months.

I’ve checked out the Motorola Droid and the Google Nexus One. I see features in these devices that I would like to see in the next iPhone. Knowing that Steve Jobs is also keeping track of his competition, I figure he is going to have many features, of these new smart phones, in the next iPhone. You can even look at jail-broken iPhones and see features that should be in the iPhone 4G. Let’s run down some of the things that should be in the next iPhone.

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