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Gaming sites and magazines are already talking about the next generation Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox 720. Even though these names aren’t set in stone, we all know what systems they are talking about. Sony has made a lot of mistakes with the PS3 that will need to be fixed if I’m going to get a PS4. I own both the Xbox 360, since launch, and the PS3, a year after launch. I’ve seen many updates between both systems. I’ve seen new exclusive games come out that have kept people tied to their favorite console. I’ve even had to deal with the mistakes made with both systems. But after all this, I still favor the Xbox 360 much more than the PS3. Let me review what Sony needs to work on to make the PS4 work for me and probably many other gaming enthusiasts.

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In just a couple of weeks from now, Nintendo will announce their next generation of gaming console at E3 2011. It is known to be more powerful than the current Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (PS3), but will it be a Wii 2, or a new console geared toward the hardcore gamer? We will find out soon enough. Is Nintendo really getting a head start on the next gaming generation or are they just trying to get their foot in the door before Microsoft and Sony trounce them with the announcement their new systems?

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MS Office on the Apple iPad

I saw an article today on Engadget about the possibility of Microsoft creating Office for the Apple iPad. We are talking about Microsoft Office here. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Probably the biggest selling software suite ever on Windows and Mac OS X. What would this mean for prospective iPad users? How would this affect sales of the iPad?

Most people don’t know this, but Microsoft Word and Excel were released on the Apple Macintosh before MS Windows. Microsoft has been supporting the Mac for years and continues this support it with an end of year release of Office 2011 for the Mac. If Microsoft carries over this Office support to the iPad, this could mean even greater sales for Microsoft and a possible push of the iPad into the business and educational market.

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