What is with some gamers online? I just finished a game of MAG (you could insert your own online game here) on the PS3. If you haven’t heard of MAG, it is basically a Call of Duty type game with up to 256 players in a match. Anyway, some of the players were really getting upset because of noobs (new players) in the game or others not following the objectives.

What really gets me is that this is just a game. It’s a video game! Some players really get too involved with the game. They get really upset when they are losing or when others aren’t playing up to their standards. They let foul words fly, they team kill others, or they just leave in the middle of the game.

What has this world come to when you can’t get online to play a “friendly” game with others who you may not know? Where is the courtesy that you see on the streets when you hear a friendly “hello” from a passerby? How do these people really act when they are in the everyday world?

I’ve put many players in their place. I put up with it for a little bit and then I turn on my mic and start giving it back to them… in an overly kind way. “You do know this is a video game, right?”; “Wow, you sure our letting this get to you.”; “Is your world going to end if you lose this game?”; “It’s just a game… It’s just a GAME… IT’S JUST A GAME!”

I’ve had a few actually calm down and apologize. Others shoot my character in the back and just keep on doing what they are doing. Some, like tonight, just leave the game in disgust.

Maybe we should all go back to playing more civil games like Uno, Scrabble, or Yahtzee! Nah, they would probably just toss the board on the floor after losing.