If you find that you scour the Internet for news just so you can comment on it and then email it to all your friends, you may have Foot in Mouth Syndrome. If you receive emails stating that you must forward it to 20 of your friends, and you do… you may have Foot in Mouth Syndrome. Many people are getting Foot in Mouth Syndrome and don’t even know it. Are you one of them. Seek out help now! Hopefully I can point out some things, to watch out for, that will help you protect yourself.

I always tell people to not believe everything they get from the Internet or by email. They soon forget what I even told them. Case in point – I just received an email from someone who was upset with our President over things he said about the military. He supposedly said that the recruits needed to pay for their own healthcare, because they knew what they were getting into when they signed up. They should not burden the country for their medical costs when they get injured in war. (That’s a very brief version of what was sent) I quickly jump to my trusty Internet site, that verifies rumors, and it states whether they are true or false. Turns out that what the President said was false and was actually a satire by the comedian John Stewart. It’s sort of like watching the Saturday Night Live news and thinking it is real. Yes, Chevy Chase is not a real news anchor. (showing my age here)

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