The thin, light, and easy to hold iPad.

People were hyped up for the longest time before the release of the Apple iPad. Now it has officially been announced, but not released yet, and many of the same people are now complaining about it. “Why would I want an iPad when I’ve got a laptop?”; “The iPad is just a bigger iPod Touch.”; “The iPad doesn’t do enough to make it worth $500.”

Now I’ve got to remind you that the iPad is not out yet. Why does this matter? Because until it was announced it wasn’t available to application developers either. With Apple not releasing the iPad for 60 days, developers have some time to update their applications or create new applications to take advantage of the iPad’s new features.

New features? Yes, Apple just scratched the surface of what the iPad can do by showing us drop down menus, pop-up selections, and multiple panes in applications. iWorks was shown with new features not available on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Even the iPhone standard applications worked and looked better on the iPad with just an updated iPhone OS.

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