If you haven’t played a tower defense game before, now is your time to start. I just bought Plants vs. Zombies for the iPhone and thought it would be good to write something about this genre of games. If you like to play strategy type games, then tower defense (TD) games may be for you. What may look like a simple arcade game becomes more of a thinker man’s (or woman’s) type of game. You need to plan your moves, place your towers, and anticipate the next enemy who will try to break through your defenses.

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself here. I need to explain tower defense games to you. The basic premise has you placing weapons, called towers, on a playing field. As the enemy tramps across the field, you want your towers to destroy them before they get to the goal. The goal may be a base on a planet they are trying to destroy, a fortress in a fantasy kingdom they want to take over, or just an exit that the enemy is trying to get through. Your towers perform different types of attacks which can be direct or area based. Some towers may affect the enemy in certain ways by slowing them down or freezing them. The enemies may be invulnerable to certain attacks, so you need to make sure you place a variety of towers on the playing field to take out what ever type of enemy may attack.

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