MAG (Massive Action Game) for the PS3 is being touted as the biggest FPS (First Person Shooter) ever on a console. This is true. MAG supports up to 256 players online during a match.  Does that make it the best game? Does it make the game any more exciting than Modern Warfare 2 with 12 players online? Does all this end up being a bunch of chaos, or is it really an organized game with 256 players?  Nobody can really give a true review of this game because there is nothing to finish.  It is not a game with a start and an end.  I’ve played hours of the Beta and have also spent quite some time with the final game.  Hopefully this review of MAG will help you decide if this is the next best First Person Shooter.

Zipper Interactive developed MAG.  They are the creators of the original Socom series of games that were a huge success on the Sony Playstation 2.  This gives them some credibility when it comes to making FPS games with great matchmaking, clan support, and lots of action.  Zipper wanted to take the First Person Shooter to the next level and felt that making MAG a 256 person shooter was the way to go.

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