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Apple TV or Google TV?

Apple and Google are both trying to get into your home and in front of your television. Both are doing it a little different but are offering many of the same features. Do we really need something new?… a new remote control, a new device to connect up to our TV, a new piece of equipment to learn? I’m on the fence with this decision but am keeping an eye on both devices.

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Twitter’s Best Kept Secret

I’ve used Twitter for quite some time now and find it to be very useful. That wasn’t always the case though. The first time I went to Twitter.com, I was prompted with “What are you doing now?” and was asked to enter it using 140 characters or less. It didn’t really make sense. Why would I want to type in what I was doing, at that time, for thousands of people on Twitter to see in the main timeline? I’ve seen people post things about going to the movies, getting ready for work, drinking their morning coffee, and other tasks that we complete on a daily basis. Why was I going to join Twitter?

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